Carrying a globally recognized and the No. 1 truck and bus brand of Japan, FUSO has proven its quality for almost 50 years in the Philippines.

D'Limitless Vehicle Ventures Corp's has built a strong reputation for delivering quality service on time and at a competitive price. We are committed to providing reliable, safe, and convenient commercial vehicles and transport.

We promote the idea of working concurrently with our clients to ensure their goals are met as we provide an exceptional experience as emphasized on the quality of customer support extended to every client. We understand our clients’ objectives and put their experience to use to create the right solution every time.

Our team shares a common vision of becoming the most trusted FUSO distributor in the Philippines. It is inherent to our passion for development thus, we strive to reach beyond our limits and always overcome every obstacle.

Carrying a globally recognized and the No. 1 truck and bus brand of Japan, FUSO has proven its quality for almost 50 years in the Philippines. Performance and handling are crucial factors when it comes to choosing the right vehicle for your needs. It is more than transporting from one place to the next. Expanding the boundaries of transportation and technology, FUSO has been globally awarded for its quality, reliability, and stability – offering from light-duty to heavy-duty trucks.

Unlike other brands which are completely knocked down when shipped from abroad, FUSO trucks are completely built up from Japan. FUSO offers a fairly competitive price. It is considered to be an investment because of the cost. FUSO being excellently built means spending less when it comes to maintenance.


D'Limitless Vehicle Ventures Corp's offers maintenance services done by technically-trained employees from FUSO Academy. All units and parts are manufactured with the highest FUSO standards. With regular maintenance, it extends machine life operability, thus, generating more passive income for our clients.


FUSO trucks are dependable vehicles when it comes to your logistic requirements. With our hard work, dedication, and excellent management, we can provide end-to-end transport solutions for all types of goods and deliver with unsurpassed efficiency to meet the needs of our clients. Along with a powerful vehicle, this requires intelligent and experienced management operations to ensure that goods are brought to the right place on time.



Client satisfaction is of utmost importance. We believe that our clientele is the key to our success. We continue to provide innovative consulting services to surpass their expectations.


Maintaining the highest standards of trustworthiness through responsible actions and rendering services to our clients.


Upholding the highest standards by providing service that is above and beyond to build long-term relationships.

Professional Development

Providing an environment that fosters personal development and professional growth.