The benefits of Fuso Genuine Parts

Clutch Disk

FUSO Genuine Clutch Disks play an important role of transmitting power from the engine to the transmission as well as the ability to cut engine power quickly to prevent serious damage to the drive train. Designed for optimum performance and to provide stable transmission, they assure smooth driving comfort.

Brake Pad

FUSO Genuine Brake Pads are a crucial part of the braking system. By coming into contact with the brake disk rotor, brake pads convert the vehicle’s kinetic energy into heat energy to slow or stop the vehicle. Extensively tested for temperature resistance, performance consistency, noise, and durability, they ensure balanced, smooth and safe braking.

Fuel Filter

FUSO Genuine Fuel Filters clean unfiltered fuel before it enters the fuel supply system. The efficient removal of these impurities will prevent rapid wear and damage of the fuel pump and injectors. They are more resistant to leaks as they are made with heat-hardened glue, a higher standard compared to imitations. Although imitation parts may have lower initial price, they are more expensive in the long run due to their low durability and shorter maintenance cycle.

Brake Shoe

FUSO Genuine Brake Shoes are extensively tested for temperature resistance, performance consistency, and durability. They ensure balanced, smooth and safe braking you can always rely on. They are available for all FUSO vehicles because Genuine Brake Shoes have been developed to fit FUSO truck and bus models.

Fuel Filter

FUSO Genuine Oil Filters trap impurities from the engine oil to prevent oil deterioration and maintain smooth engine operation. With its larger filtration areas, FUSO Genuine Oil Filters offer superior filtration, resist clogging, and trap impurities without restricting the oil flow.